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Terrance Quinlan, MBA, PMP
Director, Co-Founder


Mr. Quinlan is a graduate of Jones International University and hold a Masters of Business Administration Information Technology Management. He additionally holds the coveted PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification from the Project Management Institute. He has thirty years experience in Software Development, Management, Engineering, Government Services and Sales. 

Having a deep understanding of financial cause and effect, Mr. Quinlan understands the financial effects of traumatic events on the community. Being a concerned person, he has empathy for the emotional impact of these events on affected families and communities. He believes that the NRC is the best chance for reducing both financial and emotional impact of these tragedies.


Mr. Quinlan received the Commander's Bronze Award (Matadores de Segrada) for his efforts on behalf of the U.S. Air Force. This award is given to persons who ignored conventional wisdom in order to promote the development of an indispensable site-specific program or system.

Joe Kahoe, Colonel, USAF, Ret., MA, CP
Director, Co-Founder


Colonel Joe Kahoe is a 1973 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and holds a Masters Degree in Management.  Col. Kahoe served 30 years Active Duty in the Air Force & Air National Guard, where he flew the F-106 Delta Darts and F-16 Fighting Falcons.  


His service included a full Pentagon tour, Inspection Team Chief at Air Combat Command Inspector General's Office, and served as Assistant Deputy for Operations at First Air Force / CONUS NORAD Region. Over half his military career was spent in Homeland Defense, Emergency Response, and Incident Command, making him is a perfect fit to serve with the National Resiliency Center.  


Since retiring from the Air Force, Col. Kahoe has worked as a Defense Contractor, primarily performing Business Development, Capture Management and Marketing.  He is also a facilitator at the USAF Academy's Leadership and Character Development School. Joe lives in Colorado Springs and is actively engaged in multiple community organizations. 

NRC Advisors

David "Mo" DeMorat
National Preparedness Directorate | FEMA | DHS
Corrective Action and Lessons Learned Branch


Steve Haynes
Independent Consultant for the following:

The White House - National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) 

Office of the Secretary of Defense - Netcentric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) –US Cyber Lead (interfacing with NATO Cyber Coalition country leads)

Department of Defense - Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center (IA TAC)



Randy C. Stith, Ph.D.

CEO and President of Aurora Mental Health, a private non-profit community mental health center with over 400 employees

Natalie E.G. Frey, JD, MBA, PMP

Certified Master Resilience Trainer, Member of the Bar - Washington & Virginia

Oversaw the National Guard resilience, risk reduction and suicide prevention (R3SP) program in 54 states and territories. Currently works with the Colorado Joint PTSD Task Force, an effort to create policies and procedures geared towards improving services and care for Veterans and their families who are impacted by PTSD.


Steve Zimmermann

Co-Founder - President, CEO and Director of Digital Communities Initiative, Inc.


David K. Simmons, Lt. Col. (ret.)

CEO - Rocky Mountain Business Group


NRC Directors

John W. Gay II, LLD, CIS, MCEP
Executive Director, Founder

Dr. Gay is a graduate of Western Illinois University and holds a Doctorate of Laws and Letters, is a Certified Investment Specialist and a Master Certified Estate Planner;  and, he also is an economist, developer, author, lecturer, lobbyist and medical practice management consultant from Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Gay is currently the Chairman of the KCRT (Key Community Response Team) and Co-Chair of the Aurora 7/20 Executive Committee. John is a graduate of both the Aurora Citizens Fire and Police Academies and presently serves as a member of the Aurora Police Department’s Disciplinary Review Board and Incident Review Board. He also serves as a member of the VWAB (Victim’s Witness Advisory Board) and is a Liaison to the HRC (Human Relations Committee).


Dr. Gay was formerly the Executive Director of the Dirksen Center and a Presidential Aide. He was also the Former Vice-Chair and Commissioner of the Veterans’ Affairs Commission for the City of Aurora. Additionally, Dr. Gay serves as a member of the Overseas Security Advisory Council and the Councils of Advisors. 


Deborah Campbell
Director, Co-Founder


Ms. Campbell has worked for John Gay and Associates as an Executive Assistant for ten years. She formerly was the Operations Manager for a Denver-based property management company, was the Human Resource Manager for a Laser Vision Company and a credit analyst for Citibank. Presently she serves as a Commissioner for the City of Aurora's Human Relations Commission, Aurora Colorado.


She brings organizational and logistics talents to the group, managing schedules, arranging meetings, and managing the group's communication and correspondence.


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