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Executive Director John Gay with Governor Hickenlooper (reflecting) at the Prayer Vigil for the Aurora Theatre Shooting Victims held Jul 22, 2012

About Us

We are simply a concerned group of citizens who, through our involvement in multiple crisis events, saw a deficiency in the way crisis after-events were handled. Not that they were handled poorly, but that since each incident commander was effectively un-experienced in handling the after-effects, they had to re-create the procedure for each event; never utilizing the lessons learned from prior events.

We undertook the monumental task of retrieving these lessons learned and compiling them here for use by first responders and community leaders to reduce the emotional impact on families and communities.

As a part of our crusade, we have developed specialized training and recommendations for first responders so that they understand how their actions can affect the pain an suffering on not only the victims and victim's families, but on themselves and their own families.

We also provide crisis planning services, on-site consulting, and readiness assessments. The more prepared you are, the less likely events will overwhelm you and the more likely you and your team will be stretched beyond the resiliency point.

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